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3 Things to Consider Before Choosing the Right Planting Site

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In an effort to make the world a greener place with forest plant plantations, many people spend a lot of time selecting the ideal batch of trees and digging the perfect hole for the plantation. However, enough time must be allocated to understand the planting site as well.

If the plantation is not carried out on the right site, it can be a very difficult and expensive process to move them later on. Therefore, it is best to set a proper foundation by gaining specific site information and requirements before giving trees a new home.

Here are three considerations you can keep in mind to ensure your project is a success:

1) Choose the Right Species for Your Site

  • While visiting the nursery, it can be tempting to select the prettiest species of trees. However, the correct approach is to know what kind of tree will grow best in your soil, climate, and growing conditions.

  • Some trees might require at least 6 hours of sun to thrive. Take a look at your planting site and make a note of how much shade it receives from trees and structures.

  • Another vital factor to consider is drainage. If your site is sloped, plants and trees at the bottom of the site may retain a lot of water and could be prone to drainage problems. Keep this factor in mind when planning the water needs of your trees.

  • The soil chemistry on the site could be different from the natural growing habitat of the trees. Conduct a soil test to determine what particles your soil may possess. See if the soil is loamy, clayey, or sandy. It is good to prefer loamy soil as it contains the right mixture of clay, sand, organic matter, and silt.

2) Evaluate What Structures are Present

  • Having an understanding of the required space is one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to tree plantation. Bad placement can lead to branches and roots close to the sidewalk, driveways, and other structures.

  • Before you start with the plating process, it is vital to know the approximate height at maturity, root space, and crown speed.

  • You can also ask your local plant nursery or plant supplier company to know the vertical and horizontal space required to keep your trees healthy and structures safe.

3) Check for Intrusions Located Above and Below

  • Before starting to plant, it is always wise to look above and below for any intrusions. You must be aware of any underground plumbing and overhead electricity lines before you start digging.

  • Constant pruning will be required if you end up planting trees under power lines. This could result in less vigorous and less attractive trees after they are fully matured.

  • A tree planted under power lines could also become a hassle for service providers and a major public safety hazard.

  • It is also important to get in touch with your utility company so that underground lines can be marked before you start digging. Failing to do so could lead to service interruptions and even serious injuries. Understand where the utility lines are located, mark them, and then dig at a safe distance.

Conclusion: Plan for the Future

  • It is best to think long term for both your site and trees. Would you build a play structure or a shed in the future? How big would the trees grow? Do you plan on having a garage or a drive away at some point? How many plants shade your site will have 10 years from now?

  • Planning early on for the future will help avoid tree issues later on. Growing trees is a serious commitment and it is important to ensure that they grow well and are taken care of.

Planting trees is a serious investment of your time and efforts. Therefore, plan carefully and invest wisely, so that you can enjoy the dividends later on. Plants planted in the right place will not only survive but thrive for many years to come.

If you are looking for experts to help you with your forest plant planting initiative, then get in touch with us. We at GREEN INDIA BIO TECHPlant Company in Patna, Ranchi, and Kanpur in India, specialize in developing forests using the renowned Miyawaki method of green India bio tech. With this smart and effective technique, we initiate the development of fast-growing, self-sustaining, and 100% organic forests, irrespective of factors such as climate and soil.

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