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South African Swietenia Mahogany Plant Information

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If you read information about african mahogany plant, you’ll find them both interesting and attractive. The mahogany is a large, semi-evergreen tree with a canopy that casts dappled shade. It is a popular landscape tree in Southern Florida.

Mahogany plant facts describe the plant as being very tall. They can grow 40 - 50 feet in height with leaves some 20 inches (50.8 cm.) long, but it’s more common to see them growing to 50 feet (15.2 m.) or less.

Mahogany plant information suggests that wood is dense, and the tree can hold its own in strong winds. This makes it useful as a street tree, and trees planted in medians form attractive canopies overhead.

After 10 Years, 1000 plants may give return

20 cu.ft. per tree x Rs. 500/-per cu.ft=Rs 10000 x 1000 trees. - 100.00 Lacs = 1 Crore. (Expected yield from a 10 year old Mahogany tree is more than 30 cu.ft. of wood. For calculation purpose, it is taken as 20 cu.ft. After 10 years, at the time of final cutting, the rate of Mahogany wood is expected to be well above Rs. 1000 per cu.ft. For safer calculation, it is taken as Rs. 500 per cu.ft.)

Plant Name

Swietenia South African Mahogany Plant



Project Duration

10 to 13 Years

Advisor Team

Prinyanka Singh

Plan manager

Shubham Sharma